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Property Taxes   

Many people are interested in how their real property taxes are computed. Most of those people are interested in how to get their property taxes lowered. Although the tax computation is really fairly simple, there are a substantial amount of urban myths surrounding this mysterious process so we have provided some background for you.

The property tax bill is simply the the Tax Assessement times the The Total Tax Rate.
Tax Assessment - The value of your property (according to the State) You can look up the Assessment on the SDAT Assessment page.
Total Tax Rate - The total tax rate is the State Rate + County Rate + Town Rate = Total Tax Rate. For a list of the State, County and Town Tax Rates you can check the SDAT Tax Rate page. Note that many many towns do not have a town rate.

Some counties will also add some of the local utility or other municipal charges to the tax bill. A detailed breakdown is on the bill itself.

For information on appealing your Tax Assessment please review our Tax Appeal page.
For information on applying for the Homestead Tax Credit, please review our Homestead Credit page.
For information on applying for the Homeowners Tax Credit, please review our Homeowners Tax Credit page.

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